Welcome to Southbank Phlebotomy Services

Blood tests are important not to miss or postpone. You can rely on Southbank Phlebotomy for efficient blood draws and prompt scheduling. Given the opportunity, we will provide this service at a convenient place and time. 

All our phlebotomists have got a wealth of experience in phlebotomy. Some could have been gained in the NHS, private sector or the community.

We guarantee the safe collection and transportation of specimens to the lab for analysis and the lab will forward the results to your referrer i.e. GP or Consultant.

When clicking on the Book Now button above you will be redirected to our booking facility partners easypractice.net.

Our service is tailored for:

•  People who need fasting blood tests early in the morning

•  Daytime workers who need a blood test in the evening

•  Housebound people

•  People requiring regular blood tests

•  Nursing homes

•  Assisted living facilities

•  Company health fairs

•  Company drug screenings